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Senin, 21 Mei 2012


"And (also) in yourselves. Did you not notice? "
Squeeze oranges, orange juice would result. Squeeze mango, mango juice was the result. There's no way what we squeeze, the result not of what we wring. Could not be squeezed mango juice than mango right result?
What we experience in this world, in our everyday lives, good grief, happiness, anxiety, peace, poverty, prosperity, and various other life dynamics, is derived from within us, the mind is tied up with feelings. Whatever we face now is a result of our own.
If we experience are the things that upset and angry, so no need to blame outside of us. Ariflah berhikmah.
Be careful with our thoughts. Because what we think is very likely to be real. Will build a sense of perception, seep into the liver, accumulate into a system of self-confidence and the fact that nature will adjust according to the system of self-confidence.
All objects such as lights, airplanes, cars, technological achievements by scientists and others are the result of thought. All started from the mind. This is the basic instrument to be modified for someone to change. No one in this world that can change ourselves, but ourselves.
"All the flowers in the seed of tomorrow today. All results tomorrow today have in mind "(Aristotle). Plato said, "Change your thoughts, your life will undoubtedly change". Buddha also stated similar things, "what do you think today will happen tomorrow."
The mind is very dangerous. Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali always said to myself, "I am a great boxer. Whatever happens, I'm still a great boxer. " In a television interview he was asked, "why do you always say that?" He replied, "Because the sentence it gave me confidence, strengthen my will, and made me concentrate on what I want to achieve the target. If it ultimately fails, I will learn from failure, then the better practice to succeed. "Furthermore, he said," The mind is very dangerous. The mind can be the cause of failure and success can also be a supporter. The mind is a source of confidence. "
Regarding health, the mind has great influence. In energy medicine Dr. Herbert Spencer of Harvard University says that the soul and body are complementary. He said that more than 90% of the body caused by mental illness. This is called Psycho-Somatic Disease. The term comes from the word psycho means soul, and Somo which means body. That is, the soul (psycho) affect the body's THINK (SOMO). Some strengthening of the theory was added by the research in 1986 on the dialogue with the soul by the Faculty of Medicine in San Francisco. According to the results of the study, more than 75% of the body's disease originate from the dialogue with the soul. That's what the psychologists called 'Internal Theatre ". This is how people describe life in his mind, including THOUGHTS and structure in the mental. Anyway, ever watch the show together Ustadz Danu Heart Workshop in one of the private TV? Much can we know from the show about the health dangers of negative thoughts. Therefore, change of mind toward the positive, to keep the body healthy. The Prophet said, "do you pretend to be sick so it's really sick." This Hadith affirms that the mind can cause disease.
Mengeni prosperity and happiness, would apply a similar effect. Change your mind towards prosperity and happiness, and then see what happens in your life. Instill a love of goodness and above all, draw near ourselves to God, Almighty owner of all goodness. Believe in the remembrance of Him, the heart is always calm, clarity of mind is created and achievements are easy to reach. Love of God, then the negative thoughts we can jinakan. Sure? Hehe ...
During this time, we believe a lot of promise with a variety of other human beings. Why yes, really not sure with the promise of the Creator of Everything? "Hehe,,, if it's ok deh ga sure. After all, every person responsible for the 'fruit' himself. Not sure too whatever. Peace. "Hehe ...
"Verily Allah will not change the state of a people until they change the circumstances that exist in themselves (Al-Ra'du: 11).
Is that we have been given by the will of God to be able to change or choose the thoughts that we like. It will use based on knowledge and science. "The glory of man lies in his mind." (Pascal). The reflection law in the theory of mind expressed by DR. Rey Alfiqy Ibrahim, a world-class motivator in the International Best Seller book, "Therapy of Positive Thinking 'to explain that," The outside world is a reflection of the world. "" Man is not likely to produce knowledge without learning how to think. "(Confucius).
Ali Bin Abi Talib said, "He who repairing his relationship with God, he surely improve its relations with others. Anyone who watched akhiratnya affairs, Allah will pay attention to world affairs. Any person who becomes an adviser to himself, Allah will be its guardians. "
Hereafter an invisible, so pay attention. Mind out of sight, then pay attention. Ariflah understand.
"And (also) in yourselves, do you not notice? (Al-Dzariyat: 21).

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